Shoes & wine pairings

Don’t you believe shoes are the ultimate accessory to match with your wine and create the perfect tasting (and drinking) conditions? I do.

For the past 5 years I have developed an increasingly worrying addiction to shoes. I own only a few (although my closet is full) and most of the time I glance sideways at other women’s colourful sandals with envy. I sometimes even have to restrain myself from jumping and snatching the precious object from their feet. (True story).

In addition to that, I have lately tried to match my footwear not only to my outfit but to – increasingly random – situations: pink sneakers for grey sad days, platform shoes for rainy days (as a mean of elevation over the puddles) and I even remember taking off my slippers to slip into far less comfortable stilettos to drink champagne at home.

Now, in a perfect world, these are the wine & shoes pairings I’d do:

Tarlant Cuvée Louis (Champagne):

Because Tarlant’s Cuvée Louis is my fav’ men-catcher champagne, because it is elegant and generous, I’d sip it wearing these Alexander McQueen green beauties…..

Miss Vicky Wine, Fleurie (Beaujolais):

Because Vicky’s Fleurie displays a pink design making you think it’s for girls but charms wine lovers (men & women) with its character, I’d enjoy it with a pair of Rupert Sanderson’s wonderwoman-like platform shoes!

Priorat Humiliat (Cataluna):

Because Priorat’s motto is WINE.LOVE.AND.FANTASY and seduced me with its berry notes and flowery label, I would slip into these Vivienne Westwood’s cherry sandals before opening its beautiful bottle.

Jaillance, Grande Tradition (Rhone Valley):

Because Jaillance’s Grande Tradition is the perfect match with a summery strawberry tart enjoyed during a countryside picnic… I’d love to wear these colorful Dior flats.

What about you? Any weird wine pairings to confess?!*

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18 responses to “Shoes & wine pairings

  1. Hi Pauline,
    I love your blog, it’s just smaching :)
    My food and shoes pairing would be:
    - my Birks : German shoes obviously, comfortable, easy-going, summery and some models are now quite elegant
    - and a wine named Opâle made by Rhone Vallee winegrower Eric Texier : a summery, easy-drinking at any hour of the day – slightly sweet though so quite girly, FRESH Viognier made like these zingy German Mosel wines.
    Here are the website links, if you are curious enough to visit:


  2. Audrey! I like your laid back style… Did you actually get to try that pairing! That’s lucky! Did the wine taste better? ;)

  3. I actually have not tried that pairing, but I have to now, haven’t I? and it ought to taste better now that’s all analysed :)
    I love the idea of changing shoes just to taste a wine, it’s a great concept… not easy to organise in a cellar, but at home… might be fun. I saw an article about wine tastings in shoe shops, might be another option!
    Thanks for sharing the idea. It’s just brilliant.

  4. For a girl (ok I’m a man), a bottle Gevrey Chembertin made by Sylvie Esmonin : sweet, intense, sensual… and a pair of red high heel shoes, I should say by Karine Arabian :

    for a man, more casual ;) a pair of Pony baskets and a bottle of white wine from the Provence vineyard, la Courtade, fresh, well balanced, with pears and banana notes…

  5. OK, mais quel vin choisir lorsque l’on est pieds nus comme en ce moment dans le Sud ? Et que boire en automne lorsque l’on doit chausser ses pieds de bottes ? Nul doute que cette rubrique géniale devrait se répéter plus souvent dans l’année. Au passage, les chaussures sont ravissantes… J’aimerais voir les pieds.

  6. Love this… I’d say my Reef Surfshop flip-flops with rose from Commanderie de Peyrassol Cotes de Provence. Or my cheap knock-off Pumas with MD 20/20, but that’s the ghetto side of me…

  7. Thank you for this article Pauline – I luuuuuuuuurve it!! Being totally in love with both exquisite wines and fancy shoes I have to admit that I do think a good wine tastes better when I am wearing the right shoes ;-) Champagne pairs very well w sexy stilettos ( love my Tarlant Zero w my black Pied a Terre high heeled sandals), a full but elegant red w boots (eg Montes Folly Syrah w knee high – high heeled boots), a delicate yet well balanced Miss Vicky Wine Fleurie with my elegant black and white peep toe shoes, and many many other combinations… Come to think of it – I really need to drink a glass of elegant yet powerful Blanck grand Crus Riesling to go w my girly sturdy high heeled sandals:-)

    this is my blog, I like shoes and wines!!!!

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