of the absolute need to wine & dine in style

Just how much are food and wine an important part of my life right now? I’m going to tell you a true story that lasts over 4 days.

Last week as you might have understood, I was quite sick (for those of you who don’t read french very well rougeole means measels). I was in bed, delirious with fever and yearning for a good glass of wine, tasty food and dreaming about Babette’s feast. The worst part of being sick was missing on all those diner parties & wine tastings. Really.

This weekend as I started to feel better I decided to celebrate my recovery (and a Royal wedding, silly me!) by popping open a bottle of Pol Roger Réserve. Watching the tiny lively bubbles romping about in my glass, I felt life was slowly returning to my numb self. This glass was more than alcohol, it was liquid joy. ¤¤¤*¤¤!!**

Today was a Monday with a twist bad news. What could I do? Cry over an inert pillow? Scream from my window into the empty noise of the streets? No, I went grocery shopping and cooked a wholesome homemade delicious pasta dish. Because there’s nothing worse than bad news on an empty stomach and nothing better than a colorful plate of steamy goodness when times are rough.

I truly believe, and sorry if it sounds like I’m stating the obvious here, that nothing can get wrong(er) when there’s a good glass of wine & a plate of yummy food in front of you. Not only does it take the pain away even if for a while, it reminds you of the good things in life. Which you should always celebrate by the way (and it’s yet another good reason to wine & dine in style!)

Don’t thank me ; )