Why I will call my daughter #chardonnay

Today it’s #chardonnay day all around the wild wide web. All the #chardonnay lovers gather to drink, talk and share #chardonnay. And as I was reading out and tweeting away, I realised the name was familiar to me but not from a grape varietal…  During my stay in the UK I had somehow become accustomed to hearing #Chardonnay as a girl’s name. So here is why I would call my daughter #Chardonnay.


What a sweet lovely name for a girl! It’s got a secret in ‘chhhh’,  a French twist in ‘don’ and a feminine touch in ‘ay’…  It’s round and velvety, it’s got a delicate musicality, even a melty softness of sound and a determined distinction of purpose in its rhythm.

Chardonnay, you’ll have honey-coloured hair, zesty conversation and a bubbly free spirit. I can sense you’ll be an adventurer but that you’ll feel right at home under any sky warm enough to encourage your growing.

Chardonnay… I know you’ll be easy-going, highly popular and that you’ll develop to be smart & crisp or tropically fruity (depending on where and how I raise you).

Chardonnay, I know some people might put a label on you as being a tad schizophrenic or even too mainstream to be true. But I know you won’t disappoint me as I’ve always loved buttery simplicity and slight & sweet complexity.

Always yours,


photo credit : Things make me happy