Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… Ze Teaser


If one believes there is a wine pairing to food or shoes… I also think we tend not to drink the same wines depending on our state of heart.

What is your favorite drink when you’re single and happy? What wine do you turn to when you’re single and miserable (Chardonnay maybe, like Bridget Jones?) With which bottle would you want to inspire a new conquest? What is the adequate wine (spirit?) to get over the end of a relationship?

…. Four situations & -at least- four different ways to wine-deal with them.

 Coming in the following days, your wine-romantic relationship pairings. A woman’s diary entries, a work of fiction inspired by real women:  Caroline Henry, Audrey Domenach, Iris Rutz Rudel, Anne Victoire Monrozier, Paloma Ezcurra, Pauline Versace, Eva Robineau.


photo credit on Just Great Wine