Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… #1

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first!


August 10th,

 Dear Diary,

 Oh I love the summer time! The weather is just amazing, the sun is out and so are the lovely boys. (héhéhé!)

To celebrate what we call ‘the hunks summer outing’ (that is all the boys in light clothes and their ripped tanned muscles out), my single girlfriends and I have decided to throw a big dinner party!

We started with a toast to being single and fabulous with a winy and bubbly Montlouis called Les Loges de la Folie  that E. & I. drank so fast we had to open C.’s Zero Dosage by Tarlant: its delicate bubbles contributed to making us feel even happier!

I had baked my goat cheese & honey pastry with salad, a summer’s favorite!,  and V. brought what she called a ‘sexy chenin’ that definitely hit the spot. Cool minerality and honey notes… deliciousness in our plates and glasses!

 We gossiped and laughed for hours then we went out and danced the night away*. P. & I had rehearsed some crazy moves all afternoon on Prince and we were so ready to party!  Yeah baby!

What a glorious night!

 Ps: I so wouldn’t want to be in a relationship right now. I mean, what are men for? It’s so much better to enjoy my girlfriends’ company and being caressed by nothing less but champagne bubbles…. 


Again, many thanks to:  Caroline HenryAudrey DomenachIris Rutz Rudel, Anne Victoire MonrozierPaloma EzcurraPauline VersaceEva Robineau.

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