Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… #3

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February 12th,

Dear Diary,

 Life is good again!

I’ve met D. He is handsome, clever and funny!  He’s been taking me out every single night* of last week and we drank  A LOT of champagne (couldn’t possibly remember their names)!

I even introduced him to V.  She says he’s a hunk ‘who knows how good he looks’. So should he, he’s beauuuutiful!

Anyways, in a couple days it’s Valentine’s day and I’m not sure what to do. I want to cook for him and choose some good wines but then again I don’t want him to feel threatened by the bottle I choose… (he likes to be the man).

Should I impress him with a German Riesling and a seafood dish? Too risky, don’t want to risk food poisoning…  Shall I pick my best Côte Rotie vintage and cook meat? Maybe too Sunday-lunch-at-mum’s like….  Shall I choose a round, easy and gourmand Languedoc so he feels warm and comfy? Or perhaps I should try Richard Leroy’s very pure Chenin that E. recommended. It would show him I’m a complex, sophisticated woman :p

… Maybe I should just wait and see what he’s got in his cellar.

 What if he doesn’t appreciate good food and wine? I hope not! That shall ring the end of it. 

But if he does… I’ll probably try and have him take me to Italy. We’d explore the country on a Piagio, we’d drink chianti by the sea side and indulge in some fresh, olive oil-soaked mozzarella!!!!

Oh I love hiiiiiiiim!

Again, many thanks to:  Caroline HenryAudrey DomenachIris Rutz Rudel, Anne Victoire MonrozierPaloma EzcurraPauline VersaceEva Robineau.

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