Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… #4

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first!


September 9th,

 Dear Diary,

 That’s it, it’s the end. I left D.

 Jeez! He had gotten soooo arrogant and show-off with his new job! I guess I should have seen it coming… I mean last time he bought a himself a rolex, a rolex, just to ‘impress’ a sale attendant who didn’t take him seriously. He’s such a child!

And what about me? He never bought me a single flower. What.a.jerk.

Last night V. took me out for beers saying we shouldn’t have wine or it would taste bitter. She’s so wise sometimes!

However (and after our beer night), I have decided to stick to water or green tea or something so as to keep my head cool and high.

I don’t want to become a whining wino.

Again, many thanks to:  Caroline HenryAudrey DomenachIris Rutz Rudel, Anne Victoire MonrozierPaloma EzcurraPauline VersaceEva Robineau & Siobhan.