The wine who loved women

Women’s legs are like compass points, circling the globe and providing its balance and harmony“.

The man who loved women, François Truffault.

Yesterday, we were given a gallant rendez-vous by Jacques for Les Vendredis du Vin : The wine who loved women. Where do romance and wine meet?

For me, a wine who loves women is a wine who understood a sharp but singular outfit is key to a first successful eye catching encounter. A wine who loves women is a wine who knows how to announce its arrival with a delicate yet velvety perfume. A wine who loves women is a wine who will gently compliment a woman’s good taste, fervently caressing her with a flowery/fruity touch. It’s a wine who’ll kiss her tongue with sparks of minerality, embark her on a journey through the senses and still be able to hold an interesting and smooth conversation afterwards.  It’s a wine who intoxicates the woman whose heart he’s won, lingers in her mind for days but never becomes a headache once the affair is over.