What Oprah drinks…

When my friend Vicky sent me the following picture my first thought was Waow, that is flashy and bright and then… Poisson Wines??? Do some people actually make ‘wine’ from fish juice or something?

Well no, apparently Le Poisson Wines – litteraly ‘ The fish wines’- are wines from North Africa. Jean Boujnah, ‘entrepreneur and wine enthusiast’ bought a certain René Lavau’s Tunisian winery ‘to perpetuate quality wine in Tunisia’. Which should come as no surprise as Tunisia boasts a 2000 years old wine-growing tradition…

Their website certainly tickled my curiosity for I never had a chance to taste wines from Tunisia nor drink like a poisson:

If want to know about their wine range, here is a beautiful brochure.

ps: Oprah drinks .vin gris for its ‘taste of oysters from distant shores’… Exotic!