Will you surrender to Elvis wines?

I came across the oddest wine collection ever: a tribute to rock’n’roll & wine, to Elvis & Bacchus, a feast for your ears (click on the links!) and palate (if you ever put your hands on these fabulous bottles)… Let me introduce Graceland Cellars whose wineries “have worked hard to put the same care into our wines that Elvis put into his music.” If that ever is possible.

So, with the Blue Suede Chardonnay or the Jailhouse Rock Red Merlot, Elvis fans and wine fans are expected to feel Burning Love for this range and be All Shook Up with its eccentricity eclecticism!

Blue Hawaii Riesling ” When you have a ‘Burning Love’ for spicy food this Riesling will be just perfect.”

Jailhouse Rock Merlot: ” ‘Surrender’ to this soft, fruity Merlot.”

Stuck On You Shiraz: ” You’ll be ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ with this rich, flavourful Shiraz.”

The King Cabernet Sauvignon: ” This Cab is King’ with it’s medium bodied flavour.”

The Blue Suede Chardonnay: ” You “Can’t Help Falling In Love” with this wonderful Chardonnay”.

And for this season’s festivity don’t forget your Blue Christmas Cabernet Sauvignon!

THE KING WILL NEVER DIE. Rock’n’roll baby!

If any of you have ever tasted these wines, please let us know!