My latest wine orgasm

Yes, you read it: wine o.r.g.a.s.m. Or that very moment of euphoria, that climax of your senses’ sensibility, that sudden and often unexpected rush of pleasure from your body to your mind & soul… This is the surprise I had when opening a bottle of 2009 Casa Marin Sauvignon Gris from Chili.

Sophia, a good friend of mine who works for UK wine distributor Mentzendorff, had warned me: ‘It’s a sexy wine babe. Drink it with oysters and your boyfriend at hand’s reach.’  She was right as always. The nose was overwhelming: white fruits, vanilla, even a whiff of white truffles if I’m not mistaken. Voluptuous, round even sensuous in the mouth it was balanced and fresh, a complex blend of fruits & flowers… a bliss of a wine! ( Useless to say oysters were the perfect match.)

So if you’re planning on spending a romantic New Year’s Eve*, forget about champagne for that one time; this might well be the wine for you!