Champagne for all & all for champagne!

If I say finest champagne, Vivaldi & christmas holidays and if I add a beautiful video staring someone famous and a nation-wide cinema distribution, you’re probably thinking Moët, Krug or Cliquot, in France…  and you’d be wrong. Watch this!

So now you know: the brain (and wallet) behind this operation is Lidl Nederlands. L to the I to the D to the L. Lild. In France, the cheap and ugly hard discount supermarket where you’d only shop hidden behind big wide shades or underneath a poncho.

Turns out, Lidl has built a better brand image in The Nederlands. And that means more endorsement possibilities, prouder consumers and more cash spent on creativity. (And a print campaign and famous Chef Ramon Beuk and a QR code revealing the featured champagne that costs less than 15€. )

I don’t know about you but I’ve always wanted to open a bottle of Champagne like a Formula 1 race winner on the podium and let it all out… !


Source: Doc News