Pink Skirt in theTube

I know it’s not a fashion blog and I hope you’ll forgive me this daring fashion statement but in these days and times one needs to be bold, even adventurous, with titles in order to strike its readers.

So, Rosé is the new black (or the next Scorcese, or the future Queen of England). And I’m ready to back up this affirmation with two, wait, three examples:

1. Les Vins de Loire‘s recent ART CABERNET D’ANJOU Parisian stunt. In the very chic 6th arrondissement, 10 bars hosted 10 wine makers and their 10 different pink & sweet juices while 10 artists skilfully translated the experience of the Loire Valley’s famous rosé: Cabernet d’Anjou.

2. Les Apéros Bordeaux ‘s invitation to Le Napoleon for a “Burgers & pink Bordeaux” party at the very heart of bustling, lively neighbourhood of Strasbourg St Denis. In the presence of Bernard Farges, a bunch of happy bloggers sunk their teeth in pink meat & got acquainted with Bordeaux’s perhaps less famous appellation: Bordeaux Rosé. I myself loved the CANON (not the camera, not the gun, the wine) for its explosion of citrus & freshness & youth.

3. Finally, with the long-awaited arrival of the healing sun, all the waiters in Paris seem to be united in the purpose of serving me rosé. “It will be perfect with your salmon tartare”, “You should definitely try our Minuty with the italian Salad”, ” I would recommend it with your beef”.

So, as there is no escaping Rosé lately and instead of surrendering to the – addictive – & rather delicious trend, I’m flying newt week to Italy and its darker wine selection (?)