Why foie gras is not always your best option

Sweet sixteen, Sweet Georgia Brown, Sweet Home Alabama…  SWEET BORDEAUX!

I am from the Loire Valley

so when it comes  to sweet wines I tend to pick chenin over sauvignon (my dad would open a very good bottle of Bonnezeaux with smoked eel for our family celebrations). However I have always heard that when it comes to Sauternes and other sweet bordeaux, foie gras will without a doubt be your best pick. And to be honest, it never was my pick. Far too sweet for my liking.

But this was before I was invited by Sweet Bordeaux & chef George Gotrand to discover the many different options to foie gras…

For instance, what about smoked salmon butter on toast

… with a Cadillac Chateau de Garbes 2009? One often forgets Bordeaux is not far away from the sea… Or what would you think of a Ste croix du Mont Château grand Peyrot 2077 with a mix of bulgour wheat, quinoa, prawns & combavas? It was perfection.

For carnivores, why not trying Espelette pepper jelly with scallops & bask pork (perfect pairing to Loupiac Château du Cros 2008). Oh the delicious oyster with shallot and citronella on a Sauternes Promesse de Rabaud, Promis 2008! And don’t get me started on the lemon tartlets…

The evening was a succession of flavours & surprises & twists on sweetness

& I’d definitely recommend trying it at home!

Photo Credit: Glose