There were wine bottles in bathtubs and icy cognac

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, I was invited to a beautiful mansion with views on the city of lights: PAris*. The weather was fine and the night was young when I made it up the hill of Montmartre for an apéro pétanque (the magical after work combo of wine drinking & pétanque playing).

But this was not the reason why I climbed so high up with my heels on the steep streets leading to l’Hotel Particulier. I walked there to discover Vente Privée‘s wine selection. And I wasn’t disappointed: the party was a blast! In each crazy suite of the hotel, we could find a skilled winemaker… in a beautiful salon, a sommelier introduced us to wine & food pairing by an angel statue…  in the bathtubs, bottles of wines -like the deliciously mulberry Humiliat- were floating with ice cubes…

But 2 months later, my most memorable souvenir remains the very fresh & surprising ANTARTICA COGNAC by Maison Godet, an icy treat with a story. A few years ago, Jean-Jacques Godet went on an expedition to Antarctica and, in the evening, would mix the spirit with ‘growlers’ to comfort the crew. Back in La Rochelle, he started elaborating a new cognac which I strongly recommend you trying in this heat! The best way to enjoy it (other than responsibly) is obviously with ice but also fresh mint and soda. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it!

Vente Privée offers a wide selection of quality wines that you can buy on the internet and have deliver at your doorstep. Check them out!

A big thanks to the SoWine team for a great evening!

Photo Credit: Louise Massaux @ Quilles de Filles