The link between James Bond’s happiness & drinking champagne

Trust the hype, I went to see Skyfall last saturday and I loved it. But this post won’t be about cinema, it will be about champagne. Or the absence of it. After so many weeks of pre-Bond Bollinger teasing I was expecting a spectacular screen appearance of the champagne-star with some naked & gleeful Bond girl. You know, just like in the good old days with Goldfinger or The Spy Who Loved Me…


The Spy who loved me

But no. To my dismay, Bond drank whisky à la mad men or beer (Heineken anyone?) and the delicious Bollinger was left for Severine, alone on the boat. [SPOILER ALERT] And as a matter of fact, it was to be the last champagne she was to drink. Ever. Poor girl.

I am not one to judge but I’d say that James Bond really seemed to have more fun in the previous films (adventures?) and that he should probably reconsider his drink of choice… If not for him, then for his girls.