Drinking in the rain

Last week I was on holiday. Because we were desperate for light, we had decided to drive south, towards caliente Spain where -legend has it- it’s always hot and sunny. Hossegor seemed like the perfect place to be: famous surfer spot, hypnotizing ocean, majestic mountains, only a few steps away from the Basque Country… our spirits and expectations were very high. Full of enthusiasm I had packed 2 mini shorts, 2 skirts and just 1 pair of jeans. No warm jumper. No boots let alone wellies. And because my fair skin tends to quickly turn red with the slightest ray of sun, I had scrupulously swallowed my daily pills of Oenobiol for a month just before our trip. I was ready for the sun and we drove down the A10.

Man It’s raining!

The rest is french history: crappiest weather since before our revolution, the entire territory punished by the gods with thunder and rain and hail, people drenched and spirits seriously dampened.


The angry sky of Anglet

We found sun in our hopeless place

So instead of crying and cursing, we decided to have a good time cooking, eating and drinking (well, we did curse and cry but just a little bit). The french South-West cuisine is very rich: confit of duck, assiette landaise, foie gras, smoked ham, ewe cheese, gâteaux basques and melt-in-your-mouth vegetables from your neighbour’s garden. And let me also mention that Spain being around the corner, you can find amazing paella, tasty tapas or charcuterie to die for a the epicerie next door.

photo 1

Boudin, confit, pâtés..

photo 2 Le gâteau Basque

Sun finally made an appearance in our wine glasses: Côtes de Gascognes & other Irouleguys became our daily drink, our passion, our warmth. Rich with strong yet smooth tannins, fruity and round they made me feel really cosy… it was like being by a fireplace in a wool jumper when it’s pouring outside.

Embolden by a few sips of Domaine de Pellehaut “Harmonie de Gascogne”  we even braved the rain for a quick dip in the sea.

photo 3Warriors in the water

At the end of the day, not so bad a holiday!

Where to buy wine in Hossegor? 

CHAIS DANDO – 119 Avenue des Tisserands, 40150 Hossegor for a smily team and a great selection.