They love Beaujolais

IMG_2475A view from Chiroubles

Just back from a weekend in Fleurie, I was about to write an article called I love Beaujolais. I had planned to talk about the Tuscany-like landscapes of Chiroubles, the summer-perfect wines of Moulin à Vent and Villiers-Morgon’s butcher charcuterie range.

Instead, I’m writing an article called They love Beaujolais for I realized that it is the people of Beaujolais who make it so unique. This is a small tribute to three of them.

IMG_2465Doodle on my bedroom wall at Chateau des Moriers


Richard Rottiers is a young wine maker at Moulin à Vent. His vines are scattered all around Romanèche, from the old plot underneath a young oak tree Les Champs de Cours, to the plot by the cemetery from which he’ll create the heavenly A bout de Souffle (breathless) cuvée.

His wines are straight and balanced, some are slightly smoky (2011 – A bout de Souffle) others are festive and fruity like an early evening dancing at a bal musette under the paper lanterns (2010 – Moulin à Vent).

IMG_2474Richard in his cellars

IMG_2468Under the oak tree

IMG_2469Champs de cours


Pauline left a frantic and exciting life traveling around the world to come back to Beaujolais. Her father is a winemaker there and she decided that Beaujolais was too pretty a region not to try and share it with us. So she created Back to Beaujolais and more recently opened a beautiful B&B with her husband Bruce. Their farmhouse overlooks the picturesque valley or Villiers-Morgon, it’s tastefully refurbished and the cellar is perfectly furnished!  A great address for wine lovers from all over the world. (And don’t get me started on their home-made food).

photo(21)Pauline loooooves Ratafia

IMG_2476One of the wines to taste at Pauline & Bruce’s

IMG_2459The view from the house and yes one can drink Champagne in Beaujolais


You’ve read her name before on this blog. Anne-Victoire aka Miss Vicky Wine is not only one of the most famous Beaujolais ambassadors, she’s also a great friend and was my host for the weekend.
Her energy to show you around vineyards, introduce you to wine makers and make sure you taste delicious wines is contagious. She’s a true wine lover.

IMG_2464Anne-Victoire sipping Dom Ruinart Rosé 1990

IMG_2472Roses in the garden

IMG_2419Hen in the vines

So you’d have guessed it, I more than highly recommend visiting this beautiful region. And just in case you need an occasion, the 2014 edition of La fête des crus is scheduled for the last weekend of April.
So what are you waiting for ?

IMG_2442View above Fleurie

IMG_2447Sunset in Beaujolais

IMG_2471Moulin à vent