A wine postcard #1 : Gallo’s Grenache Rosé 2011

gallo grenache california eyes wine open

California, July 16th 2014

Hello cupcake !

I think I’ve just found the wine for our summer pick nicks! It’s called Grenache Rosé and it’s just the girliest girl’s wine I’ve ever tasted ! A beautiful old rose colour (with a sparkle of coral), smells of a strawberry fruit salad that you’d serve the day after a garden party (you know the one, with a hint of fresh mint, slightly stewed) and tastes just like it (+ cherries I figured). But it’s very fresh and would be lovely with dessert or just as an aperitif.

Anyway, I thought I should take some back home for one of our countryside outings. And no boys allowed, they’d say it tastes like grenadine ;).



gallo grenache rosé 2011 eyes wine open     strawberries gallo eyes wine open