A wine postcard #2 : I Frati, Lugana 2013

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Venice, August 3rd 2014

Dear Romantic Reader,

I might disappoint you here but let me tell you something utterly shocking: there is more to Venice than marble palaces, romance at moonlight and water canals. There’s wine too ; Wine from vineyards around its laguna. And it’s delicious. 

To better illustrate the bottle I just opened, think Burgundy buttery chardonnay meeting sunny italian ripeness. Think Loire Valley crispness blending with southern warmth and suave white fruits. It’s yellow colour is rather palish with hints of grey and doesn’t catch the eye straight away. But breathe into the glass and you’re already smiling. It’s honeyed like acacia, it’s fruity like peaches and crisp like ripe lemons. Try and swirl it inside your mouth. Silky and fresh. Enough to make your mouth water and your heart begging for more.

Soon I’ll send you a few words about the food here too… Just to get you drooling over your keypad. 

With love,



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