A Wine Postcard #4 : Verum Patagonia, Malbec 2013

verum malbec patagonia eyes wine open 1

Patagonia, Noviembre 2014

Hola muchacho de los Andes, 

If you were to put Argentina in a glass, I think this would be it. You’d want it round and warm but fresh and easy to drink. You’d want to be distracted by its dark purple robe before swirling it in your glass. You’d want to smell spices and dark red berries before taking it to your mouth. Once there, it’s a horse-rider in the sun. He’s young, not leathery yet, not too tannic, he still hasn’t spat its tobacco onto the hot orange dirt but he’s taking you to the pampa, and you’re loving it.



ps : where to drink it in Paris ? UNICO – 15 Rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris, France
+33 1 43 67 68 08

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