I am not a wine expert but… (About)

I am not a wine expert.

I am not a wine expert but I enjoy wine. I enjoy choosing a bottle, I enjoy the popping noise of the cork when I open one, I enjoy sniffing furiously at my glass and feeling overwhelmed with flavours I can or can’t recognize and I enjoy sloshing the liquid around in my mouth fervently (one could say carefully, it’s a rather tricky moment where the tiniest moment of inattention can lead to a stainy disaster). But most of all I enjoy that relishing moment when I can feel smoothness, hard work, lusciousness, heritage, just enough of acidity or sparkle, passion, longing, roughness or even surprise in just a couple of sips…

I am not a wine expert but I am curious about wine. I enjoy talking wine, reading wine and listening wine (sometimes it talks).  I enjoy understanding wine news, following wine blogs and catching wine tweets (see Links for the best ones). There is so much I don’t know about wine that sharing the little I know will hopefully spark off interaction, emulate reactions and lead to sharing passions….

So this is why, even if I’m not a wine expert, I wanted to create this blog. It’s my other blog‘s little brother and it will be dedicated to wine. And food probably too. One without the other is like cheese without bread, Cleopatra without Caesar, days without nights; it simply cannot be (as pleasant and wholesome).


Eyes Wine Open is….

Pauline Boët, Wine lover in Paris, London and on the worldwideweb.

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