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Gaga about wine

Probably not her weirdest fashion move so far but this is unexpected to say the least. Lady Gaga in a wine bottle outfit… Is she buying a vineyard in Sonoma as some reported… Continue reading

What’s in a glass?

Sometimes, there’s Prague Sometimes, there’s light Sometimes, there’s truth Sometimes, even women Or cats But regardless of what you want to fill your glass with, make sure it’s a big one! Happy Monday!

What Oprah drinks…

When my friend Vicky sent me the following picture my first thought was Waow, that is flashy and bright and then… Poisson Wines??? Do some people actually make ‘wine’ from fish juice or something? Well no, apparently Le Poisson… Continue reading

Growing wine in Ethiopia

Yesterday I read in the newspaper than French largest wine producer CASTEL is actually growing wine in Ethiopia. Ethiopia?! True story: there and for the past 3 years they have grown 125 hectares of… Continue reading

Unicorn Corkscrew

  Fancy adding the fantasy to the wine? This might be just the tool for it! Via: Filles de Luxe Buy it: Modcloth  

Shoes & wine pairings

Don’t you believe shoes are the ultimate accessory to match with your wine and create the perfect tasting (and drinking) conditions? I do. For the past 5 years I have developed an increasingly worrying addiction… Continue reading

Why I will call my daughter #chardonnay

Today it’s #chardonnay day all around the wild wide web. All the #chardonnay lovers gather to drink, talk and share #chardonnay. And as I was reading out and tweeting away, I realised the… Continue reading

Cork = sex (?)

I know sex sells. It has been told, proven, demonstrated, served with your dinner on national TV, plastered on billboards in front of your kids’ school and associated with the unlikeliest products (who’s… Continue reading

My (wine)Moleskine

  A picture from the new Moleskines promotional Vimeo film Une photo extraite du film promotionnel pour les nouveaux Moleskines

Yesterday I drank a glass of Pink Flamingo

… is that a cocktail with cranberry juice? A Martini with rose syrup?  A long drink with feathers? No, no and no again. The Pink Flamingo is a rosé gris de gris from… Continue reading