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C’est permis !

Heureusement, que la Loi Evin ne nous interdit pas -encore- de visionner ce genre de petit bijoux: Southern Comfort | Beach | Whatever’s Comfortable Allez, bonne journée!

Jules & Jim’s wine list

Yesterday was a perfect sunday night. Mature cheddar & fresh baguette on a plate, warm pumpkin soup and a french cinema classic: Jules & Jim by François Truffaut. We had decided to be… Continue reading

Happy New Year! Grrrrrrrr!

This new year is a beast awaiting to be tamed… … just like Paso Robles‘ Mourvèdre! Therefore my wishes for 2013 are the following: may you be equipped with whips & wit but… Continue reading

Gaga about wine

Probably not her weirdest fashion move so far but this is unexpected to say the least. Lady Gaga in a wine bottle outfit… Is she buying a vineyard in Sonoma as some reported… Continue reading

Wine Gums

I stumbled upon this very funny marketing operation by The Hive for Maynards, a canadian candy company. They sent a ‘chewmelier’ (yes, it’s a word) to a wine fair where he presented the… Continue reading

Wine is over

Going back to the 80’s can be painful. It’s a time filled with Napoleon Dynamite characters,   JM Jarre & L. Richie &… wine. Wine! Women’s favourite drink, an instant male alpha-ness killer,… Continue reading

Champagne for all & all for champagne!

If I say finest champagne, Vivaldi & christmas holidays and if I add a beautiful video staring someone famous and a nation-wide cinema distribution, you’re probably thinking Moët, Krug or Cliquot, in France…  and you’d be wrong. Watch this!… Continue reading

Bordeaux wines’ new campaign

This is a teaser of Bordeaux wines’ new campaign. I found it beautiful and quite spellbinding. The choice of Vimeo as its primary broadcasting channel is also very clever: creative people, passion & expression!

Soirée Lavinia: qui aime quoi? #vidéo

Bon, eh bien vous le saurez:  Sacha a craqué sur un cuvée rare à 4 cépages, Nicolas aime l’Espagne, Michel Bettane préfère les vins ‘faits sans concession’ et moi j’adoooore les sushis. Quant à Ophélie,… Continue reading

Old Spice Guy for wine?

“I’ve got my tickets. Do you?” Powerful video (deep voice, tense classical music and movie-like colors)… The only thing missing is a guy in a towel somewhere. But still, do it like in… Continue reading

Cork = sex (?)

I know sex sells. It has been told, proven, demonstrated, served with your dinner on national TV, plastered on billboards in front of your kids’ school and associated with the unlikeliest products (who’s… Continue reading

A #pinotmoment in Paris

Today is the international ‘share your love for pinot’ day. It’s all about telling people about your #pinotmoment. What’s your fondest memory of this elegant, fragile yet powerful grape? With Miss Vicky Wine… Continue reading