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Mets l’Armagnac dans ta hotte

OU DES IDÉES DE CADEAUX DE DERNIÈRE MINUTE Noël approche et vous ne savez ni quoi boire, ni quoi manger, ni quoi offrir d’exceptionnel et d’inoubliable à vos chers. Vous cherchez à faire plaisir… Continue reading

Ce que le Chenin & Cindy Sherman ont en commun

 – Montage de plusieurs Untitled Film Stills de Cindy Sherman – Le Chenin a l’art & la manière du déguisement… Tu le découvres impertinent, vif et frais sur les Coteaux du Vendômois. Il est… Continue reading

A Wine Postcard #4 : Verum Patagonia, Malbec 2013

If you were to put Argentina in a glass, I think this would be it. You’d want it round and warm but fresh and easy to drink. You’d want to be distracted by its dark purple robe before swirling it in your glass.

A wine postcard #2 : I Frati, Lugana 2013

There is more to Venice than marble palaces, romance at moonlight and water canals. There’s wine too ; Wine from vineyards around its laguna. And it’s delicious.

A wine postcard #1 : Gallo’s Grenache Rosé 2011

California, July 16th 2014 Hello cupcake ! I think I’ve just found the wine for our summer pick nicks! It’s called Grenache Rosé and it’s just the girliest girl’s wine I’ve ever tasted… Continue reading

Capitaine Pierre Lurton

CHÂTEAU CHEVAL BLANC. ÉPISODE 2/2 Chais Château Cheval Blanc, les courbes d’un voilier Quand on arrive à Château Cheval Blanc, on est frappé par les chais et cette impression presque immédiate d’embarquer sur… Continue reading

On dit des Cheval-Blanc

Château Cheval Blanc, épisode 1/2 Il faut le savoir, à Château Cheval Blanc on fait fi de la grammaire. Pas de ‘on dit des chevaux’ qui tienne, car ici le capitaine a la… Continue reading

They love Beaujolais

A view from Chiroubles Just back from a weekend in Fleurie, I was about to write an article called I love Beaujolais. I had planned to talk about the Tuscany-like landscapes of Chiroubles,… Continue reading

Drinking in the rain

Last week I was on holiday. Because we were desperate for light, we had decided to drive south, towards caliente Spain where -legend has it- it’s always hot and sunny. Hossegor seemed like… Continue reading

Eating & drinking in Napoli, Italia – Seafood

We arrived in Napoli around noon. It was pouring rain and we were dragging around our suitcases in the maze of the city’s cobbled and slippery streets. We were damp, tired & hungry… Continue reading

Eating and drinking in Napoli, Italia – Intro

Dear readers, More than two months ago, I shamelessly teased you with a post where I said I would share with you the pleasures of eating and drinking in Napoli. Well, the time… Continue reading

Neapolitan wines, an appetizer

I loved Napoli. Everything there is pleasure: the sun, the landscape, the food, the wines… I will make sure to share it all with you but in the meantime, here is a little… Continue reading


Do you ever feel tired of the city? Does the grey of its streets stifles you? The gloomy faces of its inhabitants depress you? And the noise, the noise that makes you want… Continue reading


Last week I was invited to a star-studded event. Hollywood actors and all. The setting was cosy (none of these I’m too sexy for my shirt  gathering), the guests were crème de la… Continue reading

“These trees are growing men!”

We’re walking in the sun, it’s hot. Our legs are tickled by long, dried-out herbs and our feet dusty with grey dirt. Little by little, as our eyes get used to the blinding… Continue reading

Mots & Maux aux Anges Vins

Les Anges’Vins…. Beau jeux de mots, contraction futée pour un salon des vins Angevin. C’est à St Aubin de Luigné, dans une salle aux vieilles pierres et poutres apparentes qui sentait bon le… Continue reading

Random notes on a day out in Champagne

…or when Tarlant rimes with talent. * Finally! After and eventful train journey Vicky and I alight at Epernay, capital of the whole-wide-Champagne-world. As we climb up the stairs up to the outside world, the first… Continue reading