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A wine postcard #2 : I Frati, Lugana 2013

There is more to Venice than marble palaces, romance at moonlight and water canals. There’s wine too ; Wine from vineyards around its laguna. And it’s delicious.

Eating & drinking in Napoli, Italia – Seafood

We arrived in Napoli around noon. It was pouring rain and we were dragging around our suitcases in the maze of the city’s cobbled and slippery streets. We were damp, tired & hungry… Continue reading

Eating and drinking in Napoli, Italia – Intro

Dear readers, More than two months ago, I shamelessly teased you with a post where I said I would share with you the pleasures of eating and drinking in Napoli. Well, the time… Continue reading

Neapolitan wines, an appetizer

I loved Napoli. Everything there is pleasure: the sun, the landscape, the food, the wines… I will make sure to share it all with you but in the meantime, here is a little… Continue reading

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… #3

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first! #.3 BEGINNING OF A RELATIONSHIP February 12th, Dear Diary,  Life is good again! I’ve met D. He is handsome, clever and funny!  He’s been… Continue reading