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A Wine Postcard #4 : Verum Patagonia, Malbec 2013

If you were to put Argentina in a glass, I think this would be it. You’d want it round and warm but fresh and easy to drink. You’d want to be distracted by its dark purple robe before swirling it in your glass.

A wine postcard #3 : Bonnezeaux 96, Domaine des Petits Quarts Godineau

Alors que l’automne s’affiche fièrement au bras de grands arbres jaunes et ors, je retrouve une veille carte postale, comme une trace fugace de l’été passé…

A wine postcard #2 : I Frati, Lugana 2013

There is more to Venice than marble palaces, romance at moonlight and water canals. There’s wine too ; Wine from vineyards around its laguna. And it’s delicious.

They love Beaujolais

A view from Chiroubles Just back from a weekend in Fleurie, I was about to write an article called I love Beaujolais. I had planned to talk about the Tuscany-like landscapes of Chiroubles,… Continue reading

… and wine keeps flowing

  Source: Ann Street Studio

Power to the Women

A few months ago I received an invitation to a ‘Revolutionary Wine Tasting’ in London.  Although I knew I couldn’t make it, the tittle had caught my attention and I read on. “Women… Continue reading

Drinking in the rain

Last week I was on holiday. Because we were desperate for light, we had decided to drive south, towards caliente Spain where -legend has it- it’s always hot and sunny. Hossegor seemed like… Continue reading

Jules & Jim’s wine list

Yesterday was a perfect sunday night. Mature cheddar & fresh baguette on a plate, warm pumpkin soup and a french cinema classic: Jules & Jim by François Truffaut. We had decided to be… Continue reading

Happy New Year! Grrrrrrrr!

This new year is a beast awaiting to be tamed… … just like Paso Robles‘ Mourvèdre! Therefore my wishes for 2013 are the following: may you be equipped with whips & wit but… Continue reading

Thank God it’s Friday

Or is it Wednesday? Oops.

Alsace wines are music to the ear

Suppose every time you tasted a bottle of wine you had someone by your side whispering to your ear what music this particular wine would be…  Well this is what happenned to me… Continue reading

Pineau d’Aunis, the forgotten grape

You know how you always associate spicy wines with Syrah & the Rhône Valley…? I know I do. Well, brace yourselves, here comes another grape variety that could make you sniff twice before… Continue reading

It’s monday…

… Let’s try to make it to the finish line. Good luck everyone!

Horreur ! Mes vins !

Certains vins se dégustent de préférence aujourd’hui…Zombie Zin by Chateau Diana – Sonoma By Vampire Vineyards – Wine from France, marketing from the USA by Owen Roe – Orgegon -USA By Chronic Cellars… Continue reading


Have you heard of cinemagraph? It’s a beautiful art in between photo/gif/video created by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg whom I was lucky enough to meet on Monday. They started with fashion cinemagraphs… Continue reading

Gaga about wine

Probably not her weirdest fashion move so far but this is unexpected to say the least. Lady Gaga in a wine bottle outfit… Is she buying a vineyard in Sonoma as some reported… Continue reading

Wine Gums

I stumbled upon this very funny marketing operation by The Hive for Maynards, a canadian candy company. They sent a ‘chewmelier’ (yes, it’s a word) to a wine fair where he presented the… Continue reading

Neapolitan wines, an appetizer

I loved Napoli. Everything there is pleasure: the sun, the landscape, the food, the wines… I will make sure to share it all with you but in the meantime, here is a little… Continue reading


Pink Skirt in theTube I know it’s not a fashion blog and I hope you’ll forgive me this daring fashion statement but in these days and times one needs to be bold, even… Continue reading


Last week I was invited to a star-studded event. Hollywood actors and all. The setting was cosy (none of these I’m too sexy for my shirt  gathering), the guests were crème de la… Continue reading

This is Muscadet

No, I am not a shoe addict. I am merely pointing at a lovely pair of bridal shoes called MUSCADET, that’s all. With a special love & wink to my just-married and about-to-tie-the-knot… Continue reading

What’s in a glass?

Sometimes, there’s Prague Sometimes, there’s light Sometimes, there’s truth Sometimes, even women Or cats But regardless of what you want to fill your glass with, make sure it’s a big one! Happy Monday!

My latest wine orgasm

Yes, you read it: wine o.r.g.a.s.m. Or that very moment of euphoria, that climax of your senses’ sensibility, that sudden and often unexpected rush of pleasure from your body to your mind & soul… This… Continue reading

Customize your wine bottle for Christmas

So the Loire Valley Wines’ Facebook page guys organised a Christmas* competition: customize your bottle for Christmas!  And this is my little contribution: MAGIQUE VOUVRAY! You should make your own for Christmas, it’s… Continue reading

Tuesday Wine Art

These should be on my brand new flat’s walls. Any idea where I could get them? Happy Tuesday night!

Will you surrender to Elvis wines?

I came across the oddest wine collection ever: a tribute to rock’n’roll & wine, to Elvis & Bacchus, a feast for your ears (click on the links!) and palate (if you ever put your… Continue reading

What Oprah drinks…

When my friend Vicky sent me the following picture my first thought was Waow, that is flashy and bright and then… Poisson Wines??? Do some people actually make ‘wine’ from fish juice or something? Well no, apparently Le Poisson… Continue reading

Growing wine in Ethiopia

Yesterday I read in the newspaper than French largest wine producer CASTEL is actually growing wine in Ethiopia. Ethiopia?! True story: there and for the past 3 years they have grown 125 hectares of… Continue reading

Rugby & wine pairing

This Sunday I woke up with the sun, hangover, after a rather boozy wedding reception. ‘But why?‘ would one ask ‘ Why would you choose to get up early in such circumstances?!’ Well, let… Continue reading

Turning Wine into Water

I could have chosen a catchier title  like turning water into wine. It’s more useful for parties and triggers your interest for miracle explanations… However, I wrote what I meant: this article is… Continue reading

The wine who loved women

”Women’s legs are like compass points, circling the globe and providing its balance and harmony“. The man who loved women, François Truffault. Yesterday, we were given a gallant rendez-vous by Jacques for Les Vendredis… Continue reading

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… Ze Epilogue

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first! #EPILOGUE September 10th, midnight. Dear Diary, I just ate a platter of cheese and drank a bottle of pouilly fumé with P… Life is… Continue reading

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… #4

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first! #.4 END OF A RELATIONSHIP September 9th,  Dear Diary,  That’s it, it’s the end. I left D.  Jeez! He had gotten soooo arrogant and… Continue reading

Tumblr is a bottle of wine…

… but would you think a bottle of wine is a vice? Source : Jean-Noël Chaintreuil    

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… #3

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first! #.3 BEGINNING OF A RELATIONSHIP February 12th, Dear Diary,  Life is good again! I’ve met D. He is handsome, clever and funny!  He’s been… Continue reading

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… #2

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first! #2 SINGLE & MISERABLE December 1st,  Dear Diary, Oh I feel so sad and lonely! Christmas is around the corner and I have no… Continue reading

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… #1

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first! #.1 SINGLE & BUBBLY August 10th,  Dear Diary,  Oh I love the summer time! The weather is just amazing, the sun is… Continue reading

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… Ze Teaser

#TEASER If one believes there is a wine pairing to food or shoes… I also think we tend not to drink the same wines depending on our state of heart. What is your… Continue reading

A short tale of harvest in champagne

Last Sunday I was in Champagne just in time for some harvest adventure. A train ride through an ever-green august landscape, a quick sleepy walk through quiet Epernay and a car trip through… Continue reading

Wine picture of the day #1

  Send a postcard from Paris, capital of world-famous wine country: France!  

Shoes & wine pairings

Don’t you believe shoes are the ultimate accessory to match with your wine and create the perfect tasting (and drinking) conditions? I do. For the past 5 years I have developed an increasingly worrying addiction… Continue reading

of the absolute need to wine & dine in style

Just how much are food and wine an important part of my life right now? I’m going to tell you a true story that lasts over 4 days. Last week as you might have… Continue reading

When Tarlant, Vicky & Montazellis meet…

Just for fun… Click on the pic! More champagne here, more Vicky here and more Montazellis there

Women & Wine

Since today is International Women’s Day, here is a selection of  ‘women & wine’ pictures… How inspiring! Dogajolo, Italian Wines Paris Hilton selling her wine Wet Stone Wine Bar’s ‘Sexy Women And Wine’… Continue reading

A Winey Monday Night

What a night! We opened 22 bottles, tasted as many, learnt, ate and laughed until it was too cold and too dark outside to even think about leaving. I did eventually. But only… Continue reading

Old Spice Guy for wine?

“I’ve got my tickets. Do you?” Powerful video (deep voice, tense classical music and movie-like colors)… The only thing missing is a guy in a towel somewhere. But still, do it like in… Continue reading

Vive le vin, Vive l’Amour

Envie d’amour, de vin et de poésie? Une rapide recherche dans les chansons françoises du siècle des lumières vous permettra de trouver LA perle rare: Vive le vin, vive l’amour 1 Vive le… Continue reading

Cork = sex (?)

I know sex sells. It has been told, proven, demonstrated, served with your dinner on national TV, plastered on billboards in front of your kids’ school and associated with the unlikeliest products (who’s… Continue reading

Champagne #grandtasting in Paris

A couple hours, more than a couple of champagnes… this is a Paris Friday morning! Quelques heures et un certain nombre de champagnes… c’est vendredi, c’est Paris! Discovered & deliciously winey Découvert &… Continue reading

My (wine)Moleskine

  A picture from the new Moleskines promotional Vimeo film Une photo extraite du film promotionnel pour les nouveaux Moleskines