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Power to the Women

A few months ago I received an invitation to a ‘Revolutionary Wine Tasting’ in London.  Although I knew I couldn’t make it, the tittle had caught my attention and I read on. “Women… Continue reading

The wine who loved women

”Women’s legs are like compass points, circling the globe and providing its balance and harmony“. The man who loved women, François Truffault. Yesterday, we were given a gallant rendez-vous by Jacques for Les Vendredis… Continue reading

Wine picture of the day #1

  Send a postcard from Paris, capital of world-famous wine country: France!  

Women & Wine

Since today is International Women’s Day, here is a selection of  ‘women & wine’ pictures… How inspiring! Dogajolo, Italian Wines Paris Hilton selling her wine Wet Stone Wine Bar’s ‘Sexy Women And Wine’… Continue reading