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Les Français & le Vin

Et voici la version plus recherchée et détaillée à votre question: qui sont ces Français qui boivent du vin ( à part elle, elle et lui) et comment consomment-ils ? By Sowine.

Horreur ! Mes vins !

Certains vins se dégustent de préférence aujourd’hui…Zombie Zin by Chateau Diana – Sonoma By Vampire Vineyards – Wine from France, marketing from the USA by Owen Roe – Orgegon -USA By Chronic Cellars… Continue reading

Neapolitan wines, an appetizer

I loved Napoli. Everything there is pleasure: the sun, the landscape, the food, the wines… I will make sure to share it all with you but in the meantime, here is a little… Continue reading


Do you ever feel tired of the city? Does the grey of its streets stifles you? The gloomy faces of its inhabitants depress you? And the noise, the noise that makes you want… Continue reading

What would Arnold drink?

Looks like cognac, don’t you think? Happy thursday!

What’s in a glass?

Sometimes, there’s Prague Sometimes, there’s light Sometimes, there’s truth Sometimes, even women Or cats But regardless of what you want to fill your glass with, make sure it’s a big one! Happy Monday!

Tumblr is a bottle of wine…

… but would you think a bottle of wine is a vice? Source : Jean-Noël Chaintreuil    

Wine Picture of the day #3

It’s friday, therefore wine is allowed for lunch. I tasted a very smooth, light although velvety pinot noir from the South of France.  

Wine Picture of the day #2

  Learn the winemaker’s lifesaving technique….    

Wine picture of the day #1

  Send a postcard from Paris, capital of world-famous wine country: France!  

Women & Wine

Since today is International Women’s Day, here is a selection of  ‘women & wine’ pictures… How inspiring! Dogajolo, Italian Wines Paris Hilton selling her wine Wet Stone Wine Bar’s ‘Sexy Women And Wine’… Continue reading

L’Argentine à Paris: Bienvenidos al Galpon

…. il est tard, minuit va bientôt sonner au clocher le plus proche et je devrais être au lit. School night comme diraient nos amis British. Mais l’enthousiasme d’un lieu me porte, l’énergie d’une… Continue reading

Terroir in a jar

Thank you to my dear friend Mélanie Tarlant for her hand-picked gift!

How’s your wine design?

What’s in a name? asked Shakespeare… Well, the question of the day is ‘what’s in a logo’, what’s in YOUR logo? I have uploaded a selection from Inspiration Feed (a great website to let… Continue reading

Barav by day¤, Barav by night*

Nous sommes vendredi et vous cherchez un lieu un peu cosy, très sympathique, peu cher où l’on fait très bonne chair. Vous errez dans les alentours de République et ne savez où aller.… Continue reading

Champagne #grandtasting in Paris

A couple hours, more than a couple of champagnes… this is a Paris Friday morning! Quelques heures et un certain nombre de champagnes… c’est vendredi, c’est Paris! Discovered & deliciously winey Découvert &… Continue reading