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… and wine keeps flowing

  Source: Ann Street Studio


Have you heard of cinemagraph? It’s a beautiful art in between photo/gif/video created by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg whom I was lucky enough to meet on Monday. They started with fashion cinemagraphs… Continue reading

Tuesday Wine Art

These should be on my brand new flat’s walls. Any idea where I could get them? Happy Tuesday night!

Another way to look at wine glassware

If you love wine, art and innovation, here is a new way to look at glassware: through the eyes of photographer Matthew Donaldson. Glassware With a Surreal Bent Captured By Acclaimed Photographer Matthew Donaldson.… Continue reading

Wine Poetry – John Keats

Wine is not only produced to be drunk but for its qualities to be sang. Nineteenth Century’s English poet John Keats is one of the many artist whom the delicious liquid inspired.  … Continue reading