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Ce que le Chenin & Cindy Sherman ont en commun

 – Montage de plusieurs Untitled Film Stills de Cindy Sherman – Le Chenin a l’art & la manière du déguisement… Tu le découvres impertinent, vif et frais sur les Coteaux du Vendômois. Il est… Continue reading

Capitaine Pierre Lurton

CHÂTEAU CHEVAL BLANC. ÉPISODE 2/2 Chais Château Cheval Blanc, les courbes d’un voilier Quand on arrive à Château Cheval Blanc, on est frappé par les chais et cette impression presque immédiate d’embarquer sur… Continue reading

Du Vin à la Ficelle

Il y a peu j’ai pris connaissance d’une nouvelle expression et comme je me sens d’humeur pédagogue, je vous la partage. Lors de ma première visite au restaurant le Pas Sage  -très bonne… Continue reading

They love Beaujolais

A view from Chiroubles Just back from a weekend in Fleurie, I was about to write an article called I love Beaujolais. I had planned to talk about the Tuscany-like landscapes of Chiroubles,… Continue reading

… and wine keeps flowing

  Source: Ann Street Studio

Power to the Women

A few months ago I received an invitation to a ‘Revolutionary Wine Tasting’ in London.  Although I knew I couldn’t make it, the tittle had caught my attention and I read on. “Women… Continue reading

C’est permis !

Heureusement, que la Loi Evin ne nous interdit pas -encore- de visionner ce genre de petit bijoux: Southern Comfort | Beach | Whatever’s Comfortable Allez, bonne journée!

Les Français & le Vin

Et voici la version plus recherchée et détaillée à votre question: qui sont ces Français qui boivent du vin ( à part elle, elle et lui) et comment consomment-ils ? By Sowine.

International Women Rights Day…

… means that we can do this & not care. Enjoy your day!

Alsace wines are music to the ear

Suppose every time you tasted a bottle of wine you had someone by your side whispering to your ear what music this particular wine would be…  Well this is what happenned to me… Continue reading

Horreur ! Mes vins !

Certains vins se dégustent de préférence aujourd’hui…Zombie Zin by Chateau Diana – Sonoma By Vampire Vineyards – Wine from France, marketing from the USA by Owen Roe – Orgegon -USA By Chronic Cellars… Continue reading

The link between James Bond’s happiness & drinking champagne

Trust the hype, I went to see Skyfall last saturday and I loved it. But this post won’t be about cinema, it will be about champagne. Or the absence of it. After so… Continue reading

Lecture saine

Chers lecteurs francophones, Vous qui vivez en ce moment des jours gris et froids, vous qui guettez d’un œil un ouragan et de l’autre les aventures d’Eric Schmidt à l’Elysée, vous qui êtes… Continue reading

Eating & drinking in Napoli, Italia – Seafood

We arrived in Napoli around noon. It was pouring rain and we were dragging around our suitcases in the maze of the city’s cobbled and slippery streets. We were damp, tired & hungry… Continue reading

Why foie gras is not always your best option

Sweet sixteen, Sweet Georgia Brown, Sweet Home Alabama…  SWEET BORDEAUX! I am from the Loire Valley so when it comes  to sweet wines I tend to pick chenin over sauvignon (my dad would… Continue reading

Accords jeux & vins

Connaissez-vous A WINE DAY ? C’est un club de vente de vin en ligne, mais pas que… Ce sont eux aussi qui organisent les rencontres Musique & Vin (un délice pour les oreilles, le… Continue reading


Pink Skirt in theTube I know it’s not a fashion blog and I hope you’ll forgive me this daring fashion statement but in these days and times one needs to be bold, even… Continue reading

What would Arnold drink?

Looks like cognac, don’t you think? Happy thursday!


Last week I was invited to a star-studded event. Hollywood actors and all. The setting was cosy (none of these I’m too sexy for my shirt  gathering), the guests were crème de la… Continue reading

This is Muscadet

No, I am not a shoe addict. I am merely pointing at a lovely pair of bridal shoes called MUSCADET, that’s all. With a special love & wink to my just-married and about-to-tie-the-knot… Continue reading

What’s in a glass?

Sometimes, there’s Prague Sometimes, there’s light Sometimes, there’s truth Sometimes, even women Or cats But regardless of what you want to fill your glass with, make sure it’s a big one! Happy Monday!

Scorcese & Hitchcock for wines of Barcelona

It dates back from 2007 but this short movie is a gem. Martin Scorcese presents Freixenet ‘s sparkling wine through the eyes of Hitchcock. ‘THE KEY TO RESERVA’ is vintage, magical & musical. A… Continue reading

Will you surrender to Elvis wines?

I came across the oddest wine collection ever: a tribute to rock’n’roll & wine, to Elvis & Bacchus, a feast for your ears (click on the links!) and palate (if you ever put your… Continue reading

Growing wine in Ethiopia

Yesterday I read in the newspaper than French largest wine producer CASTEL is actually growing wine in Ethiopia. Ethiopia?! True story: there and for the past 3 years they have grown 125 hectares of… Continue reading


Rugby & wine pairing

This Sunday I woke up with the sun, hangover, after a rather boozy wedding reception. ‘But why?‘ would one ask ‘ Why would you choose to get up early in such circumstances?!’ Well, let… Continue reading

The wine who loved women

”Women’s legs are like compass points, circling the globe and providing its balance and harmony“. The man who loved women, François Truffault. Yesterday, we were given a gallant rendez-vous by Jacques for Les Vendredis… Continue reading

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… Ze Epilogue

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first! #EPILOGUE September 10th, midnight. Dear Diary, I just ate a platter of cheese and drank a bottle of pouilly fumé with P… Life is… Continue reading

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… #4

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first! #.4 END OF A RELATIONSHIP September 9th,  Dear Diary,  That’s it, it’s the end. I left D.  Jeez! He had gotten soooo arrogant and… Continue reading

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… #3

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first! #.3 BEGINNING OF A RELATIONSHIP February 12th, Dear Diary,  Life is good again! I’ve met D. He is handsome, clever and funny!  He’s been… Continue reading

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… #2

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first! #2 SINGLE & MISERABLE December 1st,  Dear Diary, Oh I feel so sad and lonely! Christmas is around the corner and I have no… Continue reading

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… #1

If you’re discovering this wine series… please read Ze Teaser first! #.1 SINGLE & BUBBLY August 10th,  Dear Diary,  Oh I love the summer time! The weather is just amazing, the sun is… Continue reading

Romantic Situations & Wine Pairings… Ze Teaser

#TEASER If one believes there is a wine pairing to food or shoes… I also think we tend not to drink the same wines depending on our state of heart. What is your… Continue reading

A short tale of harvest in champagne

Last Sunday I was in Champagne just in time for some harvest adventure. A train ride through an ever-green august landscape, a quick sleepy walk through quiet Epernay and a car trip through… Continue reading

Wine picture of the day #4

The crab fell straight onto my glass of rosé…True story!

Shoes & wine pairings

Don’t you believe shoes are the ultimate accessory to match with your wine and create the perfect tasting (and drinking) conditions? I do. For the past 5 years I have developed an increasingly worrying addiction… Continue reading

A royal drink?

Ce vendredi 29 Avril 2011 est pour moi un jour de grande frustration: d’une c’est le mariage de William, Ze Prince William, celui qui adolescent me faisait beaucoup d’effet (avant qu’il ne ressemble beaucoup… Continue reading

L’album photo des instantanés du vin

‘Il n’y a pas de joie sans vin‘. Cette affirmation du Talmud peut paraître quelque peu excessive mais une chose est sûre, il y a beaucoup de joie dans le vin! Chacun de… Continue reading

Women & Wine

Since today is International Women’s Day, here is a selection of  ‘women & wine’ pictures… How inspiring! Dogajolo, Italian Wines Paris Hilton selling her wine Wet Stone Wine Bar’s ‘Sexy Women And Wine’… Continue reading

Volutes éVentées sur la lettre V (comme Vin)

à l’intérieur c’est la Vendetta. j’ai des enVies d’inVincibilité et je me rêVe inVisible; Vaines lubies que je crois innoVantes…  de Vils et Vénals deVins me déVoilent sans Vergogne un aVenir Venimeux …… Continue reading

Another way to look at wine glassware

If you love wine, art and innovation, here is a new way to look at glassware: through the eyes of photographer Matthew Donaldson. Glassware With a Surreal Bent Captured By Acclaimed Photographer Matthew Donaldson.… Continue reading


This post will not entirely be mine but inspired from Miss Glouglou, a journalist who created this utterly interesting (and funny!) video blog on wine. Wine and music, music and wine… might sound familiar… Continue reading